The directors of Litochap, S.L are declared openly against any act of corruption, bribery and/or fraudulent trade practices.

So  they manifest that:

  • The managers and employees must not carry out corrupt practices for their own benefit, since this miss the duties of  their position or contract with the company, and cause damage to the company.
  • You can not accept or offer a bribe or extortion.
  • You can not accept an extortion to get something that you have not right.
  • Litochap, S.L. wish to comply with all applicable international and national laws, which strictly prohibits any form of corruption, active or passive, in the company, without distinction of origin, destination, amount, etc.
  • It is explicitly prohibited making gifts, payments, tips, services, commissions, etc., which may be interpreted as a violation or attempted violation of the integrity and independence of judgment for the receiver or that may endanger the good name of the company.
  • It is explicity prohibited to accept gifts, tips, commissions, etc., whatever their origin. If it is necessary that the staff to accept those gifts, they must always acknowledge receipt of them on behalf of the Company and  it will be delivered to the person designated, that will give them an appropiate use (raffle among all staff or gift to a charitable institution).
  • It will be authorized, in its case, the acceptance of small gifts, for reasons of courtesy and for the normal development of trade relations, always in accordance with the law, it does not suggest the creation of an obligation on the part of the receiver and can not create annoying situations for the company.

Examples of this type of gifts are: food, refreshments, occasional meals, invitations to musical or sporting events, etc., cheap  gifts of promotion, awards for recognition of care services, payment of expenses on behalf of the customer (invitations), etc. These gifts will be always accepted on behalf of the company and shall be also communicated to the company.

  • The receipt or payment of the commissions that are legal and normal, established by contract, in intermediary operations will be accepted, providing that the company authorizes them and  this may not cause problems.
  • Prohibited "facilitation payments", as for example tips to expedite an order or make a payment.
  • Any expenditure must be approved and reviewed by the management of the company. The approval of expenditures (including attention to customers, travel expenses, etc.), will be always provided with the appropriate documentary support (invoices, receipts, tickets…).
  • All the operations of the company involving collections and payments will be collected faithful, orderly and timely manner in the Accounts of the company.
  • The criteria for the selection of suppliers will always be within the law and in equality of conditions to avoid any special We will not accept any form of bribery or gift to force the selection of a supplier.
  • The criteria to follow up with clients to get a new account or a new order will also continue the legal courses. It is prohibited to carry out any attempt of bribery, extortion or gift.
  • Any act of corruption, bribery and/or fraudulent business practice must be reported immediately to the management of the company to enable it to carry out the corresponding corrective actions, for this the following email is facilited : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The manager of Litochap, S.L is named as responsible for policies of business ethics,  which functions are to implement standards related to business ethics, as well as verify compliance on ethical issues, recommend solutions and to check compliance of the business ethics.

And for the record, sign and date this document by the management of the company:  


The Management 10/11/2017


Metal Packaging

  • Metal Round Boxes
  • Metal Squared Boxes
  • Metal Oval Boxes
  • Metal Rectangular Boxes

Complementary Services

  • Interior Foam Housings
  • Thermoformed Trays
  • Handling Services

Promotion Items

  • Metal Posters
  • Promotional Metal Number Plates
  • Metal Trays
  • Metal Coasters
  • Metal Magnets


  • Offset Lithography
  • Embossing
  • Special Finishings
  • Doming
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Digital Printing

Contact us at +34 96 655 20 19 or by e-mail at

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  Litochap has carried out in 2016 an internationalization project co-financed by the FEDER Funds, within the Operational FEDER program of the Valencian Community, 2014-2020

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