All our products can be customized with the most modern techniques:

-Printing by “offset Lithography on tinplate”
-Special Finishings
-Silkscreen printing
-Digital printing


  • Lithography

    The option our clients request the most is the “Offset Lithography on tinplate”, which allows full color printing on the entire surface of the product in CMYK, or spot colors, depending on the needs of the design to be printed. We can offer a “bright” or “matt” finishing, depending on the needs of the client. There’s the possibility of mixing both finishings, some specific areas can be kept as “matt when a “bright” varnish is applied.



  • Embossing

    Regardless of the graphical customization that is chosen, a customization by embossing can be applied obtained by giving a so-called dry blow, that molds the shape chosen on the tin-plate.  This customization can be applied on both body and lid, and in some promotion items like: posters and numbers plates.


  • Special Finishings

    We have a wide range of special finishings like: “crackle-effect”, “rubber effect” etc.  Special gloss varnish that allows specific pens to be used on and erased from it.  It can be applied to create “Board Posters” and “Labelable Tins”.



  • Digital Printing

    This kind of customization allows the CMYK printing on the lid of the boxes.  This option is very requested to personalize small quantities. Don’t hesitate to contact us!







  • Silkscreen printing

    Products in Matt silver can be personalized on the lid with silkscreen printing after its production. It is a great option to customize small quantities; the silkscreen printing is available from 500 units. 



  • Doming

    Doming allows customization in CMYK printing of a specific area of the can. Ideal for matt silver cans. Doming offers a different way to show your label, creating volume with a magnifying effect that enhances the brightness of the printing. Available in different families and drop measures, ask us for them.





  • Anonymous silver matt

    By applying a matt varnish on the tin-plate we obtain anonymous tins used for small orders.


Metal Packaging

  • Metal Round Boxes
  • Metal Squared Boxes
  • Metal Oval Boxes
  • Metal Rectangular Boxes

Complementary Services

  • Interior Foam Housings
  • Thermoformed Trays
  • Handling Services

Promotion Items

  • Metal Posters
  • Promotional Metal Number Plates
  • Metal Trays
  • Metal Coasters
  • Metal Magnets


  • Offset Lithography
  • Embossing
  • Special Finishings
  • Doming
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Digital Printing

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